Friday, August 27, 2010

Essential Back to School Reading: Week 4

Addressing Comprehension Errors [Creating Lifelong Learners] - Things to think about when creating assessments, preparing students to take them, and how to reteach.

Teaching and boxing [Lance Bledsoe] - What new teachers can learn from the sweet science.

Effectively Managing Your CYA (Cover Your A**) Folder [Math Tales from the Spring] - How to make sure you're ready for unexpected absences you'll take at some point.

Fidgeting and Doodling Could Be Unconscious Focus Tools [Lifehacker] - Keep this in mind before you jump down any kid's throat.

How Steve Jobs beats presentation panic [Macworld via Lifehacker] - If you're doing a lesson using a LCD projector, a computer, the Internet, and/or any technology, occasionally you're going to run into problems.  In this article, we learn how Apple's CEO keeps a presentation going smoothly even when things don't work as planned.