Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 Years of I Want to Teach Forever = 3 Chances to Win My Book!

Today is the third anniversary of this blog. In marriages, the third year is traditionally the leather anniversary, which not coincidentally hearkens back to the nascent days of pro football.

Normally this might not be important to you, but if you'd like to get one of three digital copies of Teaching is Not a Four Letter Word: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Job, you're going to have to know something about football.  Specifically, you're going to have to figure out my favorite NFL team.

Longtime (and I mean looooooooooongtime) readers will have no trouble naming my team, but the majority of you will have to dig through this blog's archives to find out.  The first three readers to contact me via Twitter or Facebook with the name of my favorite NFL team will recieve a free digital copy of Teaching is Not a Four Letter Word.

Good luck!