Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Reader: New Ideas For The Arts In The Classroom

How To Introduce Kids To Tough Topics? Art And TV Can Help [NPR]

Integrating Arts and Tech Simultaneously: Four Lesson Ideas [The Inspired Classroom] - Great interdisciplinary ideas!

We Should Probably Turn Textbooks Into Comic Books [GOOD]

Powerful Opportunities for Content Creation & Publication in the Digital Classroom [The 21st Century Principal] - In short, let's use digital content creation as a ways to get kids engaged with the arts--writing, art, etc.

Stories aim to grow interest in math [ABQJournal Online]

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend Reader on Social Media & Education: September 2013

22 Simple Examples Of Social Media In The Classroom [TeachThought via Twitter]

Facebook Guide for Educators [Technology Enhanced Learning Blog via Twitter] - A free PDF on getting the most out of one of the world's most popular websites.

Broadcast Yourselfie: How teens use social media and why it matters to you [Brian Solis via Twitter]

7 Top Social Networks Among American Teens - Facebook is still there, although there's a huge debate raging over whether they're starting to turn away from it.

10 reasons we need social media in education [Life of an Educator by Justin Tarte]