Friday, August 31, 2012

New Educational Games to Play With Your Kids

Blurble: 300 Nouns in a Box [Wired:GeekDad] - This Kickstarter project was just fully funded, meaning this great educational game idea should become a reality very shortly.

Code Hero and the “Apollo Program for Math” [The Number Warrior] - Another successful Kickstarter project, Code Hero is a game that helps teach kids programming.

Education and Wonder in a Box - Delivered [Wired:GeekDad] - "Wonder Box is a monthly service that sends you a box full of supplies to interact in creative play with your younger children."

Use This App to Teach Your Kids Basic Banking [Mashable!]

If Schools Kill Creativity, Can Toys Bring It Back to Life? - Education - GOOD

Back to School 2012 Reader on Social Media

Why Educators Should Spend 15 Minutes a Day on Social Media [Converge Magazine, via Twitter]

45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About [Edudemic]

Opening Up Facebook is Essential Because Kids Need Training Wheels [Game Theorist]

The Ultimate Teacher’s Guide To Social Media [Edudemic]

Rules That Work [via Twitter] - A Pinterest board that should remind you of the power of this particular social media network for inspiration. Read more about utilizing Pinterest for education here.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Years (+ 1 Month) of Blogging!

July 24 was the fifth anniversary of the first ever post on this blog, which I mistakenly thought was today. 

The fifth anniversary is traditionally the wooden anniversary, so here's a lesson idea using Jenga for you to consider. 

It has not been easy to keep this going for so long, and I want to thank everyone who has read, emailed, commented, or linked to my work.  I'd also like to thank everyone who's purchased one of my books over the years.  I hope you have received as much inspiration from this blog as I you have provided for me.

I can't make any predictions on how much longer I will do this (despite what the blog's name might suggest).  All I can say, again, is thank you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Math in the Real World: Should I Take This Loan Offer?

Sometimes fortune smiles upon you. This came in the mail on Saturday. Most likely, similar offers end up in your mailbox no matter who you are or where you live.  If you're a teacher, don't throw these away!  Cut out or black out whatever information you need to, then bring in a copy to show your students.

This would be an interesting discussion during the first few days of school: Is this a good deal? Should I take this loan?

You could make this just a simple Do Now and leave it at that.  It could also be the beginning of a lesson on simple or compound interest, percents, rates, or just financial literacy.  Either way, talk about how this kind of math surrounds us every day, and if we don't know what it means, we're going to be taken advantage of.

See also: Math in the Real World: Erasing Debt Activity

Friday, August 17, 2012