Friday, August 6, 2010

Essential Back to School Reading: Week 1

Tips for New Teachers [Webmaths]

Mind the Gap: Taking Attendance [GOOD] - A teacher offers ideas and solutions for a class with poor attendance.

Recipe for Success [Math Tales from the Spring] - A simple takeaway from this post: if you focus too much on the negative, you'll forget there's so many positives!

Talking Out Loud Improves Memory Retention [Lifehacker] - This is why successful teachers always have kids repeat back instructions, ideas and ask whole group questions instead of just telling their students everything.  They also tend to let students talk out problems and work collaboratively instead of having them sit silently and work independently at all times.

The problems with Lemov's Teach Like a Champion [The Number Warrior] - A companion piece to a book that a lot of teachers will be referencing as they get ready to go back to school this year.