Sunday, August 29, 2010

Upcoming Graphic Novel Explains the Origin of Life on Earth

Last month, I recommended the graphic novel BANG! The Universe Verse: Book 1 for anyone trying to teach kids about the Big Bang, physics and more.  In the meantime, author James Dunbar launched a project on fundraising site Kickstarter to support the creation of Book 2.  I'm happy to report he already hit his original goal of $1,000 to make that happen, but he's now set the bar higher: if he can raise $5,000, he'll make Book 2 freely available online just as he did with Book 1.

He's nearly there ($3,900 as of this writing), so I'm urging all of my readers to help.  Depending on how much you pledge, there are some great rewards available:
If anyone pledges $15 or more they will receive a signed and numbered, limited first-edition copy of "It's Alive! The Universe Verse: Book 2," about the origin of life on Earth, as soon as it comes out.  For just $5 they'll receive a PDF of the book, and anyone who pledges just $1 or more will get to follow the making of the book, including a sneak-peek of the manuscript and the preliminary sketches.
Dunbar has a lot more in store for us if he raises $5,000:
The more money I raise the quicker I'll be able to finish illustrating Book 2 and the better it will be.  And the sooner I'll be able to illustrate Book 3, publicize actively, develop accompanying lesson plans, test with teachers, apply for grants, and collaborate with programmers, animators, musicians, writers, artists, and so on until I've made the most inspiring and engaging science-education resource I can imagine (probably a super-interactive digital version & a beautiful, hard-cover, pop-up paper one).  The dream is to bring scientific literacy and curiosity to as many children as possible and I'd really appreciate your help!
Click through the link above to learn more about his Kickstarter project (and perhaps contribute).  You can read my original review here, and get more information about Dunbar and his project here.