Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Read Every Special Series of 2009

I've written several multi-post series this year, and in many ways, they're the stuff I'm most proud of.  They certainly helped bring a lot of new readers and colleagues that I've learned from.  Here's all of them in chronological order:
  1. 52 Teachers, 52 Lessons [weekly; started in January] - This project is still ongoing, as we've not yet reached 52 entries.  Send in your entries so we can wrap it up!
  2. The Mohawk Experiment: Year Two [February] - See the photo above.
  3. On Failure & On Success [March] - Reflections on the five biggest failures and successes of my 08-09 school year.
  4. Five for Friday [weekly; started in April] - Every week I share interesting, useful links from around the blogosphere and beyond.
  5. Big Idea Week [July] - Nothing short of revolutionary, game-changing ideas that I hope to help turn into a reality.
  6. History Week [August] - Seven lesson plans and projects from my years as a social studies teacher.
  7. Awesome Weekend Video [weekly; started in December] - Many more to come!
There's a lot of new projects coming this year that I'm very excited about.  Stay tuned!