Tuesday, January 12, 2010

13 Free Flash Card and Study Help Applications

Whether it's for yourself or your students, there's lots of great, free options for creating flash cards and studying just about anything.  All of the applications below work on any platform unless otherwise noted:

Anki - Secretly powerful multimedia flash card download built for syncing between your computer, online or iPhones and similar device.

CoboCards - This well-designed, easy to navigate web application focuses on collaboration perhaps more than any other site on this list.
Cramberry - Good online application for vocabulary and other things you could fit in just one line of text (that's the limit).  Works on your iPod Touch/iPhone as well.

FlashcardExchange - This site has a large web-based library of ready-to-study flash cards, and a free account allows you to create and study online.  More advanced options (like sharing or printing your cards) required a paid membership.

Flashcard Machine - Collaborative, multimedia web-based application great for teachers; they can set up a stack of cards that can be accessed without registering for an account on the site.

Genius - Simple, no frills text-based flash cards. [Mac only]

Memorize.com - Simple, web-based virtual flash cards for yourself or collaboration with others.  Setup email reminders to make sure you study, and then do so in a variety of ways.

Memorizer - Forget about fancy user interfaces.  This download is as utilitarian as it gets, but it has one key feature: Your simple, text-based flash cards popup randomly while you're using your computer for other things, so you're always studying (sort of). [Windows only]

Mnemosyne - Perhaps the most interesting software on the list, when you use Mnemosyne, you can contribute to research on human memory and how "flash card" style repetition and studying works.

Pauker - This free, open-source option is simple and text-only. It works on all platforms, but you must have Java installed.

Quizlet - More than just flash cards, Quizlet is a web-based application that allows you to both create study materials and quiz yourself (or others) on the materials.  It's also a good option for those that want to share via social networks like Facebook.

Study Stack - This website's best feature is its well established collection of already created study guides.  Or maybe it's playing hangman or a crossword puzzle with your flash cards.

Teach2000 - Powerful, option-rich download that has a handy USB drive versions, which is great for those of us that can't install programs on our school computers. [Windows]

Did I leave your favorite free application off the list?  Do you have any positive or negative reviews of any of these?  Share your thoughts in the comments.