Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Carnival of Educators: Nary a List in Sight Edition

Welcome to the January 26, 2010 edition of the carnival of educators.  Besides the great submissions included below, you'll find several articles without a name attached to them.  Those posts were collected by yours truly.  Here we go!


Dave Saba presents Singapore vs U.S. Math: we lose posted at Edbiz, saying, "For 21st century skills we need to focus on applied mathematics."  Dave also wonders: is the Apple Tablet for Education II "[d]isruptive innovation from Apple?"

Liam Goldrick presents D-Day posted at The Education Optimists.

Sarah Ebner presents Is inclusion good or bad for education? posted at School Gate - Times Online - WBLG, noting "I ran this post, written by a teacher, to ask what can be done about disruptive kids. Are the issues the same the world over?"  Join the conversation!

Marie Snyder presents Department Competition: The Great Green Challenge posted at Project Earth.  "We tried to get all our teachers to become more environmental by pitting them against one another," she writes.

Bellringers (Carol Richtsmeier) presents Pants On The Ground, Boxers & Anthems posted at Bellringers.

How to Waste Money on Technology in Schools ends with a discussion question: "What are the worst technology purchases you’ve seen in schools?"  I'm sure you've got tons of great examples, so head over to Creating Lifelong Learners.


Pamela Jorrick presents Not Everyone Can Write Right posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Free Science Labs thanks to My Homeschool Guide.


Rachel Lynette presents I'm Done! What to do with Bright Students posted at Minds in Bloom.

Alisha Harmann presents How To Calculate / Read An ACT Score posted at How To E-D-U.  High school teachers can turn this info into part of a lesson on getting into college.

Victoria Westcott presents Shannon Shares Her FAQS About Teaching & Living in London, England posted at Teach in London, saying "Shannon is a Canadian teacher working in a British secondary school. She shares her FAQs from her family & friends and provides great stories about what it's really like to teach in London as a young Canadian."

Fish! on Look at My Happy Rainbow is a great example of the kinds of adventures this male kindergarten teacher shares on a regular basis.

Speaking of fun adventures with students, check out Week in Review from Pigtailed Teacher, which sounds like a common week in elementary school (or middle or high school for that matter).

Traumatized for life is a not-so-uncommon story of how a successful, bright adult developed a math phobia thanks to her third grade teacher, shared on Learning Strategies.

That concludes this edition.  Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of educators using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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