Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contest: Pitch Your Children's Book Idea, Win Access to Thousands More

Big Universe: Read, Create, and Share Children's Books OnlineHow many times have you looked at a children's book and thought, "I could have written this"?  Or maybe you're a parent or elementary teacher who never has enough books to keep up with voracious young readers?  Have I got something for you! is an awesome children's literature website where you can read, create and share children's books online.  The site allows teachers and parents to give kids access to thousands of books, makes it easy for them to create their own, and they can keep track of and share their favorites with you, siblings or classmates.  Teachers can find leveled books and recommended reading lists, then assess students after reading, all in one comprehensive online location.  Here's a demo on reading and sharing.

When I first learned about the site, my mind immediately began swarming with ideas for children's books that could make math interesting and fun (probably without the reader even realizing they were tackling intimidating math concepts).  This inspired me to get together with for a great contest:

The Contest
Pitch your children's book idea!  Give me a quick summary of the plot, the skills you aim to teach (or how your idea would benefit young readers), an example of text or images you'll use, and who your potential children's book would be aimed at.  Don't write the whole book: imagine you are sitting down with me and you have about five minutes to sell me on your idea.  Remember, the best ideas can usually be explained in the fewest words!  Check out this demo of BigUniverse's author tools to get an idea of how easy it would be and the great resources at your disposal.

The Prize
A Six Month Premium Membership to!

How to Enter
Post your pitch in the comments below.  Emailed entries will not be accepted.  Entries must be 500 words or less.  The contest ends at 11:59 PM CST on February 20, 2010.  Anyone with a good idea for a children's book can enter (excluding employees of, of course), but there will be only one winner!  Good luck!