Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Everything You Need to Start a Garden at School with Welch's Harvest Grants

Check out this great grant opportunity for the green-thumbed teacher:
As a family farmer owned company that is proud to grow and nurture grapes, Welch’s is here to help teach the value of sustainable agriculture and healthy eating. Hands-on experiences with planting, tending, and growing gardens provide a dynamic setting for learning and benefit kids of all ages.

This year, in partnership with Scholastic, Welch’s will support school garden programs through Welch’s Harvest Grants. We are pleased to invite you to submit an application for your opportunity to win a valuable garden for your school.

Entries will be judged by experts at the National Gardening Association, and two schools in every state will be selected to receive a Welch’s Harvest Grant. Winning schools will receive a customized indoor or outdoor garden package filled with a variety of tools, seeds, educational materials, and more. Deadline for submission is February 6, 2010, so we encourage you to start working on your grant application today.
The contest is open to all K-8 schools (public, private, homeschool).  Visit for the grant application, the rules and all the details.  I was told the application should only take about 10 minutes and be pretty straightforward.  100 schools will be able to start a class/school garden, which is a great learning tool for a variety of subjects.

Interested in the idea of starting a school garden, with or without a grant?  Check out Sustainable Table's school garden and food projects resource page, with links to help you get started.