Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Most Overlooked Posts of 2009

I wrote a lot in 2009, more than I had in any year previous.  This means there was a lot to read, and I feel that some of my best work ended up slipping by unnoticed.  That's my opinion of course, and ultimately you are the judge.  Here's ten of my favorite (but not widely read) posts of 2009, in no particular order:
  1. Finding Life in Death - My uncle's death earlier this year forced me to reflect on my life and career.
  2. What Stephen Colbert Teaches Us About Effective Presentations
  3. How to Make Feature-Length Films Fit into a Class Period
  4. The Golden Girls Guide to Telling a Great Story 
  5. The Book That Made Me Love Math (and the Class it Inspired)
  6. What Teachers Can Learn from Billy Mays 
  7. What 21st Century Skills Should Mean 
  8. Send Yourself to Language School This Summer - My experience in a Spanish immersion program and why you should consider it if you teach a lot of Spanish-speaking ELLs.
  9. Detroit, Boston and the Great Single-Sex School Debate
  10. 3 Ways to Use Microcredit to Invest Your Students
Is there a favorite post of yours that even I've overlooked?  Share it in the comments.