Friday, January 15, 2010

Cold Weather Learning, Classroom Tweeting and Blogging [Five for Friday]

  1. Fun With Fourier’s Law in the Cold Weather [Wired: GeekDad] - Awesome, easy science experiment you can do at home or school (if you can convince your kids to brave the cold)!
  2. Don't be illTwitterate or aTextual [The Innovative Educator] - Great ideas for using Twitter, text messaging service, and a free classroom response system (CRS) alternative with your students.
  3. Requiring algebra in eighth grade [Learning Strategies] - Larry Davidson comments on several articles about this issue.  I have my own thoughts on the issue (I wrote about it when California first started talking about it in 2008) you can read here.
  4. Introducing Logs [f(t)] - I love Kate's way of easing students into this often frustrating topic.  This is what I'll use the next time I teach it!
  5. The Case for Blogging in the Classroom [Creating Lifelong Learners] - Mathew Needleman dives into the subject thoroughly and from all angles.