Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Can I Do With...? Volume 2

Around this time last month, I posted a list of items that I hoped to find some use for in the classroom. I was out of ideas, but as usual you guys came through. Thank you for all of your great suggestions.

As my spring (creeping into summer) cleaning continues, I have a few more items in desperate need of your ideas. What can I do with...
  1. air pump and a giant novelty basketball? The huge inflatable hoop that accompanied these items broke last year, so I'm left with this. Together, the set became the basis of my famous basketball review game, which was featured in my book Ten Cheap Lessons. Now it just seems to be a hassle to keep, especially since the clunky pump isn't very useful for anything other than this ball, and the ball won't fit in any reasonable hoop. I'm inclined to donate it to my school for field days and the like.
  2. ...a set of Matchbox cars? I would like to keep at least one of these as an excellent visual aid for this lesson on scale and measurement, but I'm hoping to think of an additional use for them as well.
  3. ...empty 3 ring binders? After scanning most of my paper records, I was left with dozens of empty 3 ring binders of all shapes, sizes and colors. I donated most of them to my school, but I still kept a considerable amount. What kind of alternative uses are there for these?
  4. ...a locking cash box? Okay, I admit I have no idea when or why I bought this. I guess I could lock stuff in it at school, but in my experience, some enterprising young hoodlums would simply steal the entire thing.
That's it for now. If you have stuff that you are storing but you can't for the life of you figure out why, share your list in the comments so that we can help each other out. Thanks in advance!