Friday, June 5, 2009

Five for Friday: Time To Start Reflecting Edition

The end of the year is upon most of us, and it's time to start the oh-so-important process of reflecting on what went well (and what didn't). If you don't start now, you might forget all the lessons your learned, and have to make the same mistakes again next year. You don't want that to happen, do you?
  1. Students learn from robot games - Now let's get them in every math and science classroom!
  2. UpDown [via Freakonomics] - You could use this free stock market game in your math classes (or to get yourself ready for the exciting world of investing).
  3. Top 5 Things I Lost During Year 2 - One of the young Californian educators of Sup Teach? reflects on good stuff he did last year, but neglected to do this year. It's a good model to follow when starting your own end-of-year reflections.
  4. Amazon’s 25 Software Bestsellers - And Their Free Equivalents - Trent, the frugality guru behind The Simple Dollar, summarizes how you can replace just about every piece of popular software with something free and just as functional (if not more so). I wrote about a similar article back in December.
  5. Worldmapper [via RECESS DUTY] - I've been thinking about using maps as a real world connection a lot after participating in an MIT conference on mapping, new media and education in January. So I'm intrigued by the possibilities of Worldmapper, which claims to show "the world as you've never seen it before".
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