Friday, June 26, 2009

Five for Friday: Everything All At Once Edition

This has been a crazy week: it's the last week of school, packing up to move tomorrow, and thinking about major life issues like housing, transportation, and employment. This week's links deal with a little bit of everything as well (there I go again, subconsciously assembling themes for these weekly links).
  1. FASFA To Get Dramatically Shorter, Less Painful [from Consumerist] - Good news for your future HS graduates!
  2. Doodling Increases Focus and Recall [from Lifehacker] - I know I've been quick to judge the daydreamers in my classes... maybe I was wrong!
  3. New Math [via Freakonomics] - If you've never heard of it, New Math is part art project, part mathematical equations. I like to think of it as the equations of everyday things. I'd love to have my students create their own "new math" equations as a beginning (or end) of year assignment.
  4. Book Review: How to Survive (And Perhaps Thrive) On a Teacher's Salary [from Wise Bread] - Have any of you read this? I read an article with a similar title in Instructor magazine that wasn't very helpful, but I think this is a different author.
  5. Never Have an Argument w/ a Student Ever Again - Sup Teach? reminds us of perhaps the two most important words in a teacher's vocabulary.
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