Monday, June 8, 2009

52 Teachers, 52 Lessons #19: Don't Reinvent The Wheel

Don't call it a comeback! Our community project is back, this week coming from Loretta Khayam, a math teacher from Fairfax, VA. She has three great suggestions for teachers:

Don't re-invent the wheel -- If you're searching for an idea for a lesson, Google the topic and the word "activity"....I've gotten rave reviews from other teachers for stuff I found on the internet (I always give credit to the contributor)...and it saves LOADS of time

Save of your answer seems like as soon as I decide I don't need an answer key anymore and I recycle it, I have a student who makes up a test or turns in an assignment late and I have to redo the key. You'd think after 11 years of teaching I would know better!!

Keep a list -- on your computer, on a clipboard, somewhere -- of your "ideas for next year" because by next year you will have forgotten them! And if there is a typo on a worksheet or test, fix it as soon as you discover it (or you'll forget about it!).

Read more about this project here or add the 52 teachers 52 lessons tag to your favorites. Email your entries to teachforeverATgmailDOTcom. Week 20 will be posted next Monday, June 15th.