Thursday, June 11, 2009

End of Year Survey for Graduating Seniors

I always give students end of year surveys, but as I've mentioned this is the first year I have graduating seniors in my classes. I had to edit and update my usual survey for them a bit; for example, I wanted to know how this class compared to the other math classes they had taken in high school. Otherwise, the survey is pretty close to what I will give all of my students at the end of the year.

This survey is by no means original--it is an amalgamation of questions from several sources. The original source is Emma, my Program Director when I was in Teach for America. The survey has evolved quite a bit in the six years since then. When I see a good question on sample student surveys posted by other teachers, I "borrow" it. If one of my existing questions doesn't get productive responses, I edit or delete it. So thank you to the many teachers who inspired this ever-evolving survey.

I'll be posting different versions as well as some of the more interesting feedback I've received soon. You can download this version from Google Docs: