Friday, October 9, 2009

Five for Friday - Rocktober Edition

  1. Playing video games = Healthy body, healthy mind [@Digital Play]
  2. Artwiculate [via Lifehacker] - Twitter users teach each other vocabulary by using a "word of the day" in a 140-character sentence. Participants share (retweet) and vote on each others' sentences. Sounds like something that could be easily adapted to the classroom.
  3. The Daily OMGs [@Hey Miss!] - The Miss has been dealing with a lot of in-class drama recently, both figuratively and literally. She needs your support!
  4. Lack of Sleep Increases the Chance of Catching a Cold [@NY Times via Lifehacker] - I also submit myself as evidence. I got lots of colds when teaching, and I had horrible sleeping habits. Sleep is right up there with lowering stress in terms of keeping your immune system strong.
  5. 100 Tools to Make Your Kids Math and Science Stars - Now you can't say "I don't know where to start!"