Friday, October 23, 2009

Five for Friday: Turnpike Series Edition?

I guess I tempted fate with the "I Love Football Season" Edition of Five for Friday last week; both my alma mater (Rutgers) and the New York Jets lost close games. I'm not really all that interested in the World Series, but I like the idea of the "Turnpike Series" because it's the New Jersey Turnpike, baby! Jersey represent! On to the links...
  1. The Carnival of Homeschooling #199: Maine: The Postcards Don't Lie Edition [@No Fighting, No Biting!]
  2. Origami and Mathematics - Art & math, together again. [@Webmaths]
  3. Math Teachers at Play #17 [@Mathrecrecation]
  4. All Children Left Behind - A great primer on the "common core" movement that's gaining momentum. I need to look into this more myself before I start commenting. [@The Innovative Educator]
  5. It only took 6 weeks to get to my first Big Crisis Moment of the year. - Alison, a young math teacher in only her second year, is struggling with whether teaching is right for her (among other things). Perhaps you can give her some advice? [@Axioms to Teach By]
All blogs linked are worth subscribing to in your favorite RSS reader. (BTW, if teachers out there have heard about RSS, feeds and "subscribing" to blogs but don't know what to do, I'd be happy to do a how-to post. Email me or leave a comment and I'll get on that ASAP.)