Friday, October 30, 2009

Five for Friday: Spooktacular Edition

  1. Funny Math T-shirts - I thought I had seen all of them before I found this! The huge list is on Teenormous, which is a search engine devoted entirely to t-shirts of all kinds.
  2. The truth about grit - Boston Globe article from August about how "genius" is really just a good idea with a lot of hard work behind it. Something worth reiterating to our students, no?
  3. From home schooling to 'unschooling' [via Slashdot] - The Baltimore Sun writes about an interesting offshoot of homeschooling. I know I have some homeschoolers reading this: what do you think?
  4. Friday Happy Hour: Fanatical Parents & School Assemblies [@mental_floss blog] - The masters of trivia ask two open-ended questions: "What’s the craziest parental fan behavior you’ve witnessed?" and "What were some of your best or worst school assemblies?" Click through for ancedotes and reader responses.