Friday, October 16, 2009

Five For Friday: "I Love Football Season" Edition

  1. Use PlayCrafter to Create Your Own Free Flash Games [@Wired: GeekDad] - Have some fun this weekend with this, then figure out how to use it in school!
  2. How does your school foster a "college-bound" culture? [@Sup Teach?]
  3. Math Videogame Scorecard - The Number Warrior created a graphic organizer to keep kids on task and learning while playing an online math game.
  4. On Using Technology for Doing Math [@Math Mama Writes...] - Sue spurred an interesting debate on whether it's a tool, crutch or both. Click through and read the comment to see my position on the issue.
  5. A Road Map to Memorization [@Contemplations of a Future Teacher] - j4luck shares some research on using maps (think board games, road maps, etc) as a way for students to take effective notes.