Wednesday, October 28, 2009

educarnival v2, Issue 10

Welcome to Issue 10 of educarnival v2! I hope you've got your costume ready for the weekend (and/or Friday at school!). Let's get to it:

Pat presents Working Myself Out of a Job posted at Successful Teaching.

Darren presents CTA--How Are You Going To Explain This To Your Membership? posted at Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher. He asks, "What happened to the CTA, such that California, with no fight at all, got rid of the section of ed code that forbade tying student standardized test scores to teacher performance evaluations?"

Joanne Jacobs presents Schools can't close parenting gap posted at Joanne Jacobs.

OKP presents Inductive Reasoning and Close Reading posted at Line 46, which is "[a]n activity to help train students to read more closely."

Pat pulls double duty this week, presenting Using Common Sense is Not Impossible posted at Successful Teaching.

Mister Teacher presents Sum wrong answers posted at Learn Me Good.

Mrs. Bees presents Awful posted at Full of Bees!, saying: "They warn teachers never to get into a power struggle, and I think that's exactly what I did - but I'm not sure what else I should have done with this belligerent student. What do other teachers think?"

oldandrew presents OFSTED Must Die posted at Scenes From The Battleground. "OFSTED," he explains, "are the school inspectors in England."

Bellringers (Carol Richtsmeier) presents Witches, Warnings & Phone Calls posted at Bellringers.

More Great Posts, Selected By The Host:

Craig asks if he's giving Too Much Help? by letting students use study guides during tests at Approaching Infinity.

Joshua Gans reveals Shock! Baby Einstein not educational at Game Theorist.

Eyawn explains Why I've Become a Believer in Our Oakland School at Sup Teach?.

j4luck says I Don't Know Nothing About Anything at Contemplations of a Future Teacher.

sassybug shares Just a few stats... at A Few Degrees Short of a Right Angle.


That's all for this week's educarnival v2. You can read the previous issue at Epic Adventures Are Often Uncomfortable. Next week's carnival will be hosted at I'm a Dreamer. As always, you can submit your entries for next week here at the Blog Carnival website. Thank you for visiting!