Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 New Factoring Bingo Games

Jacqui, an Algebra I teacher in New Hampshire, created two new factoring games using Steve Mashburn's BINGO template and has been gracious enough to share them with us:

Factoring BINGO - Jacqui says: "The first is for a Pre-Algebra class. Each problem is a quadratic trinomial that they have to factor. I will read out the factored form. I intend to give them 20 minutes or so with a partner to factor all the problems prior to playing BINGO."

Zero Product Property BINGO - "The second is equations that need to be solved using the zero product property. Again, I intend to give them time the first half of the block to solve, then play BINGO."

If your students are really into BINGO, you can find more ready made games here, here, and here.