Friday, August 28, 2009

History Week, Day 6: Five for Friday

These five websites were all extremely useful to me when I taught U.S. history:
  1. Citizenship Test lesson plan - Teaching students just a few hundred feet from the U.S./Mexico border meant that citizenship was a natural issue to discuss. The tests people take are also incredibly good reviews of a lot of topics taught in U.S. History classes.
  2. Bill of Rights Song - Set to the tune of the "Twelve Days of Christmas," this is one of many good songs for teaching.
  3. "Founding Fathers: Rebels With a Cause" Study Guide - This episode of the History Channel miniseries is one of the best in highlighting the events leading up to the Declaration of Independence.
  4. History Matters – An invaluable treasure trove of primary sources for early U.S. History.
  5. History in Your Own Backyard - Originally designed for Virginia students, this is great for anyone teaching about the very beginning of American history. If you're focusing on Jamestown, tobacco, and slavery, you should take a look at this.