Sunday, February 8, 2009

Transforming Logarithmic Functions Bingo

Here's an Algebra II bingo game I built with Steve Mashburn's BINGO Master template for transforming logarithmic functions. Student bingo cards contain several transformations from the function log(x + 2), and the call sheet contains descriptions of the transformations students need to make. For example:

Call sheet: Reflected over the x-axis
On student bingo cards: -log(x + 2)

When I thought of using this review, I originally wanted to turn this game on its head, doing the same thing with exponential functions (as we were studying them together). Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get the template to print any exponents on the bingo cards, which rendered it unusable for that.

I didn't have time to switch the call sheet and bingo cards either, giving students the logarithms and having them find the transformations on their cards, but this would be an excellent addition to this activity.

You should do a quick review of the types of transformations, and allow students to use well-organized notes as well. I didn't do this well enough before playing the game, and it didn't go quite as smoothly as I would have hoped.

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