Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Want a Cookbook Made for Bill Clinton?

In order to get the 52 Teachers, 52 Lessons community project going again (there was no submission on Monday, and there are none in the pipeline as of this writing), I'm offering an unusual prize:

Downhome Food Fit For a President by Wanda Powell & Helen Wood. This cookbook was purchased in Hope, Arkansas, birthplace of former President Bill Clinton, when I was on a road trip several summers ago. Besides local recipes, there's a lot of background information about Clinton and Hope itself. It's a unique book, and I'm hoping it will be enough to get people writing!

The first person who sends in a contribution for 52 Teachers, 52 Lessons will get this book! If for some reason that person doesn't want it (who wouldn't?), I'll give it to the next person instead.

If this is succesful, you can be sure that I'll be giving away other peculiar prizes in the future!

Click through for what 52 Teachers, 52 Lessons is all about.