Saturday, August 15, 2009

Six Things You Must Get Done Now, Before School Starts

I was reading an article on Learn Me Good about things to do before school starts again, and the last part about going to see the doctor got me thinking about other non-teaching related things that you should try to do before school starts.
  1. Car maintenance. If you don't do it now, who knows how long it will be until you take a day off to do it or find an open Saturday. Most teachers I know, myself included, rarely take a day off before Thanksgiving. This includes anything you need to do at the dealer (that's a whole day affair, guaranteed), fixing windshield cracks, new tires, inspections, oil changes, or any routine maintenance that will keep your car running smoothly for as long as possible.
  2. Figure out what you're going to do about coffee, breakfast, and lunch. You'll save money, eat healthier, and get to spend your time eating at a reasonable pace if you plan ahead. You can make meals at home ahead of time or buy stuff you can eat on the go from the supermarket (instead of a convenience store or coffee shop). And please, if you're a morning coffee junkie like me, get something so you can make it at home!
  3. Make appointments for your kids. You know how frustrating it is when your students miss school days for doctors, dentists and other appointments? Don't be that parent. Schedule them now while there's still after school and weekend spots open.
  4. Make any non-doctor, non-auto related appointments for yourself. Maybe you need to see a lawyer, the loan officer at the bank or get measured and fitted for a dress or suit. Even if you can't get yourself in the office before school starts, you should be able to get a spot for September that works around your schedule.
  5. Contact family and friends you've been meaning to get back in touch with. I am so guilty of this that it hurts to write this sentence. I get so wrapped up in school stuff and am available so few hours of the day that I can never find a good time to call all of the people I care so deeply about. Weeks become months, and months can become the entire school year before you realize what's happened. Maybe you can also figure out some times to travel or for those people to visit you as well.
  6. Organize (or participate in) one last big bash of the summer. Whether it's a low-key night of board games, a beach party or backyard cookout, gather the friends and family that are close by and take advantage of the last responsibility-free time you'll have until next summer. You deserve it, and believe me, you need it!
I'm sure if you're willing to be honest with yourself, you know exactly what things you always think about doing but forget about once the school year really gets going. Whatever it is, do it now!