Friday, July 23, 2010

Truth in Teacher Job Apps, Social Gaming in Ed & More

Telling it like it is: job applications [Mrs. Awesome Blogs] - This is hilarious, and pretty much exactly what I thought when I filled out district and school applications again and again (and again).

Meccano [via Twitter] - A modern day version of the Erector Sets I played with as a child, including plastic versions for your very little ones.  I got to unleash quite a bit of creativity through these toys, just like Lego, and I don't doubt for  a second that this kind of play helped me in school later on.

How Social Gaming is Improving Education [Mashable via Twitter] - This article from February 2010 illustrates a lot of the ideas I wrote about in No Need to Reinvent the Wheel to Revolutionize Educational Video Games for the blog Educational Games Research.

Should Teachers Friend Their Students? [GOOD] - An oldie but a goodie.

IWB, I Loathe You! [The Innovative Educator] - Even though this is a work of fiction, I swear that I attended this workshop not too long ago.