Friday, July 16, 2010

Adding to HS Curriculum, TV Teachers & More

@GOODasks: What Class Would You Add to the High School Curriculum? [GOOD]

The Cat's Out of the Bag. More People Are Getting Smart about Interactive Whiteboards [The Innovative Educator]

10 TV Teachers We All Wished We Had [] - I would never want to be in the classes of 9 out of these 10, the exception being Mr. Feeny (but that might only be because Williams Daniels was both the voice of KITT in the original Knight Rider as well as John Adams in 1776).  Otherwise, I'd be transferring out from the other ones!  What do you think?

Memorize Volume Conversions with a Helpful Graphic [Lifehacker] - Something to try with math & physics students.

Dear 2010s... [Relentless Pursuit of Acronyms] - A now-former Teach for America corps member (he left after his first year in the New Orleans region) shares advice he wish he had known before he joined with this year's incoming teachers.  This is good advice (except for #6, which is complete BS), but for me this stuff was either obvious or taught to me pretty clearly.  Perhaps that's why I had such a radically different experience.