Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So You Want to Be an Elementary School Teacher?

After nearly a year of tutoring mostly elementary students after school, I sometimes wonder about becoming an elementary school teacher. I’ve made a career out of taking on different challenges almost every year, so it doesn’t seem that unreasonable to me. I would certainly need to think about how to teach a wider range of subjects, not to mention the different emotional, physical and psychological needs of younger children.  Recently, I heard about a resource that could give me some of the perspective I was seeking.

Being an Elementary School Teacher: Real-World Tips & Stories From Working Teachers is a free ebook from It features profiles of twenty-five teachers, covering just about every subject, grade and level of experience.

You get a snapshot of their background, the positive and negatives of the job, and succinct advice for anyone considering a career in elementary education. Even if you’re already a teacher, this is a good way to get a bit of perspective on what others might be going through. It’s also a quick read (only 67 pages).

Download it for free from