Friday, July 30, 2010

To Hell With Smartboards, Teach ELLs With Song Lyrics & more

Do The IWBs or Clickers You (want to) Own REALLY Help Meet Learning Goals? [The Innovative Educator] - Ms. Nielson continues her crusade, and she'll always have an ally on this blog.  If you're wondering what kind of simple, low-cost tech could replace these expensive ones, check out this earlier article.

Lyrics Training Improves Your Foreign Language Skills Through Music [Lifehacker] - A fun way for you and your English Language Learners to communicate a bit better.  Imagine how much you could invest these students if you practiced your language lessons together using this app.

101 Open Courses to Improve Your Teaching This Summer [Online Universities] - No time left to explore your online learning options?  Here's a list you can use to make your last few weeks of summer as productive as possible.

Sue's Top Ten Issues in Math Education [Math Mama Writes...] - This was posted quite a while ago, but is worth reexamining as we get closer to the new school year.

Word Problems from Literature [Let's Play Math!]