Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looking For Teachers Who Use Comic Books & Graphic Novels in the Classroom

Friend of the blog and Denver-area educator Adrian Neibauer is looking for teachers who use comic books and/or graphic novels in the classroom:
Next month, I may be presenting at the Denver Con how I have used comic books to teach literacy in my classroom over the last year. I am very excited for this opportunity to show a much larger audience the educational value of comic literature. However, I am in need of more teachers who are doing the same.
The coordinator of the Comic Con is asking me to locate/advertise to any and all teachers, in this district or others, who have used, or are using comic books or graphic novels in their classrooms. They do not have to be using them exclusively or in any particular subject area. I am just trying to locate teachers who have experimented with this medium and have found it successful and/or valuable.
If you know of anyone who has (particularly in the Denver/Metro area), please forward my email address to them. I would like to contact them for a potential discussion forum on comic literature. 
If you're interested or can help, please email me and I'll connect you with Adrian.