Friday, January 7, 2011

We Suck at PowerPoint, Teaching Math, & Professional Development (Among Other Things)

I think everybody likes to be right once and a while, or at least provided some evidence that they're not alone in their ideas.  As I was catching up on my "read later" list over the break, I found a lot of affirmation and agreements for ideas and thoughts I have shared throughout the two plus years I've been blogging here.

Five Ways Not to Suck at PowerPoint [via Lifehacker] is a practical follow up to my info(tainment)graphic How NOT to Engage Me With Your Presentation.

Do We Teach Math the Wrong Way? [via GOOD] seems to provide some support for the ideas I shared in 2008 in Why We Need to Change the Way We Teach Math.

Sup Teach? discovers the madness of Silly Bands months after I patent a series of Educational Silly Bandz I'd Like To See.

Finally, an Education Week article on The Misuse of Professional Development formally reaffirmed the main idea of one of my very first posts on this blog: Every professional development workshop you've ever attended.