Monday, January 10, 2011

Book Giveaway: Fires in the Mind by Kathleen Cushman

I have a copy of Fires in the Mind: What Kids Can Tell Us About Motivation and Mastery by Kathleen Cushman that I'd like to send you!  I ask only one thing in return: write a review of it and send it to me to share here on the blog.

Cushman is the co-founder of What Kids Can Do as well as the author of several education books including Fires in the Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from High School Students.  Hear more about the book from Cushman and some her student co-authors themselves:


Find out more on the official Fires in the Mind website.  If you're interested in the free review copy of the book, send me an email ( by midnight CST tonight indicating your interest.  I'll randomly pick a winner tomorrow. You don't have to send your mailing address up front; I'll only ask for that if you win. 
Thanks to Ms. Cushman for providing a free copy of the book to share.  I hope you'll take this opportunity to learn more about the student perspectives she's dedicated to sharing for our benefit.