Monday, January 24, 2011

Giveaway: Math Learning Games from Jax

This week I'm giving away a cloth tote bag from Jax Ltd containing two of their math learning games: Over and Out and The Game of Chips.

Over and Out is a straightforward card game where you add cards to a pile, totaling them each time and trying not to go over the number on the "Tip Top" card.  If you go over, you're out.  In The Game of Chips, players have a pile of numbered counting chips.  Players take turn rolling dice and then pick up any combination of chips that adds up to the total shown on the dice.  The goal is to leave the least amount of chips on the table, as those become points against you.

Just like the company's great Sequence Numbers board game, both of these games are ideal for your early elementary children and/or students.  There's also plenty of room for creative gameplay or alternative uses.

If you're interested in this week's giveaway, I'm looking for a very specific type of review in return: I'd like someone willing to test these out with their children or students and share the insights you get from the experience.  It's an opportunity I don't really have, so you'll be doing a great service for the teachers and parents who might be able to use it.

To enter, send me an email at and tell me who you would play the games with by midnight CST tonight.  Everyone is eligible (except for the two readers who won books in the last two giveaways).

Thanks to Barbara Olson from Jax Ltd for providing the freebies for me at NCSC 2010!