Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Would You Buy For Your Classroom With $1000?

With the holiday season upon us, I think it's safe to assume that besides having a personal wish list, every teacher has a classroom wish list as well. Let's imagine that you've been given $1000 to spend solely on classroom materials.  What would you buy?

I'm really curious as to what items come to mind immediately--is it all technology?  Books?  Pencils, paper and other office supplies?  Furniture?  Or something else completely?

We can use the prices from Amazon's stores for Office Products & School Supplies, Books, and Electronics. If you've got something else in mind, a search from the home page should help you find it quickly.

Post your wish list, prices and links in the comments.  I think this is a good exercise for you to think about what you might do with grant money and a way to share great books, technology and other resources with educators who may not know about them.  Go forth and explore!


MrsD said...

Books for Reader's Workshop - it's been the biggest expenditure (I've had to buy them all myself) and the greatest resource in my classroom. Fiction, non fiction, audio (so I can use those MP3 players I have) graphic novels . . .

luckeyfrog said...

Books for sure- varying levels, topics, genres, themes... I'm a new teacher, and building an elementary classroom library is daunting. I scour library book sales and garage sales when I can, but I'd love to be able to get tons of books.

Luckily, my school has plenty of resources. So far, we've lost the luxury of some of the colored copy paper and we're out of dry-erase markers, but we have a great supply room. Our room has a SmartBoard and, just now, a document camera too, plus subscriptions to EdHelper and Discovery/United Streaming.

I know I'm lucky, but for my own room I'd want a lot of books for sure. I'd also LOVE to get supplies for science instruction, though. We don't do much at all, but even something like a classroom terrarium would be incredible for engaging curiosity.

Honestly, this may be outside the box, but some professional development for myself might be in the cards, too. I'm a new teacher- lots to learn!

mollymaureen said...

Books. Books. Books.....and maybe some bean bag chairs. I really want to create an environment in my 10th grade classroom that promotes reading, and a LOVE of reading. Instead of a chore. I want cute reading lamps and cozy places to sit. I'm a first year teacher, so maybe I'm too idealistic but I want to inspire my students to be life long readers.

Right room is a blank canvas. I have one three foot long shelf filled with my personal books.....but in my classroom I have a 6 foot by 4 foot double sided bookshelf, empty. I have wall to wall shelving under my windows, empty. There was no money in the budget this year for me or supplies. When I walked in the building some co-workers donated a few boxes of chalk and a 3-hole punch. The rest was left up to me and my starting salary--minus rent, student loans and a car payment.

Needless to say my shelves stay empty. I pick up a book here and there but if Santa were to give me $1000.00 I would by a classroom set of interesting, engaging, YA literature. My school's bookroom is well stocked with the classics, but nothing contemporary that will grab my student's interests.

Whew! That was a long comment.
Happy Friday!

Peach Pod said...

As a math teacher in a low income school: pencils (I can never have enough), erasers, dry erase markers (black and in color), dice (I use them for probability and for games), cardstock (bingo cards, game boards, etc. + graphic organizers), construction paper (graphic organizers), color copier paper, a few decks of the basic 24 game (my kids love this game), more mini white boards, mini white board erasers, color pens for grading, giant dice (I love these during the probability lessons), cartridges for my printer, game spinners, lots of Kleenex and Germ-x, highlighters and an assortment of treats/rewards ('fancy' pencils, candy, mini pencil sharpners, large stickers, etc.). I also have my eye on some of the cool posters from Math Teacher store ( I love the 'Why study..' posters and 'Mathematical Graffiti' poster. I also love the 'I love pi' posters at

Paige Lomas said...

Floor lamps so I can perm turn off the overhead lights! Plants and a fish tank. One or two more bean bag chairs. Tootsie Rolls and Livesavers for fun.

I did write a grant last year for $1000 and implemented a fully operational post office in our school, complete with real street signs! Contact me for more information. It is so cool...parents, teachers and the students love it!

Nancy said...

Teachers that participate with the Adopt-A-Classroom program do manage to raise money in the form of classroom grants to help them purchase books and other materials. This is a nonprofit organization that's dedicated to helping support teachers by giving them to the tools to harness community support and raise funds for their classroom. Any teacher in the US can participate - just register at