Tuesday, December 22, 2009

15 Continuing Education and Career Development Resources for Teachers

The web is an excellent place for teachers to research continuing education and career opportunities. There are sites that offer information on accredited teaching and certification programs, sites that provide details on teaching grants, and sites that allow educators to browse new job opportunities. Here are 15 resources to explore when you're ready to advance your education or career.

NEA - The National Education Association (NEA) provides educational resources for teachers in addition to information on teacher grants and education events.

TEAC - The Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) offers a list of accredited teaching programs for current and future teachers.

All Education Schools - All Education Schools provides details on undergraduate and graduate education programs in the United States. Other site features include articles on teaching careers and certification.

Online Masters Degree - The site isn't specifically geared toward teachers but it does offer helpful information on earning a masters degree from an accredited online program.

National Center for Alternative Certification - The National Center for Alternative Certification provides answers to frequently asked questions about alternative routes to teacher certification.

TeachersCount - TeachersCount is geared toward aspiring teachers, but the site also offers a nice list of grants, continuing education resources, and professional development resources for current teachers.

Fund for Teachers - This non-profit organization provides grants to teachers who are interested in pursuing new education and career opportunities. Fund for Teachers also links to other online teacher resources.

Teachers Support Network - The Teachers Support Network offers information on teaching certificates, education programs, professional development, job hunting, and other education-related topics.

The Apple - The Apple is an online community for both current and future teachers who want to network, explore teaching opportunities, and learn more about available teaching degrees and scholarships.

Teachers-Teachers.com - Teachers-Teachers.com is a recruitment service and job board for teachers and administrators who are looking for education-related employment opportunities. The site includes postings from more than 1,700 U.S. school systems and private schools.

Education America - This education employment network allows teachers to search for jobs online and gives employers access to teachers who are actively looking for employment opportunities within the U.S.

The Chronicle of Higher Education - The Chronicle of Higher Education offers a job board for educators who are looking for administrative, executive, and faculty positions with colleges around the nation. Teachers can also elect to search for jobs with organizations other than colleges.

TedJob - This online higher-education job marketplace makes it easy for teachers to find jobs with universities, colleges, and other academic organizations. The site also allows teachers to make their resume available to employers online.

AFT Salary Surveys - The American Federation of Teachers publishes an annual survey and analysis of public school teacher salaries. The survey and the analysis can be downloaded for free.

TeachStreet - Teachers who are want to find new students can market their classes and services through this site. TeachStreet also offers tools to help teachers enroll students in classes, send invoices, and collect payments online.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer.