Friday, December 18, 2009

Five for Friday: Student Lifehacks, Boring Schools, a Great Scholarship and more

  1. 100 Essential Lifehacks Every Student Should Know - The list is aimed at current and future college students, but most of the ideas apply to high schoolers as well. 
  2. Posse Scholarship - A post on Sup Teach? reminded me of this great scholarship opportunity for underprivledged students trying to get to college.  If you teach in a Posse city, you can nominate your best and brightest for this honor.  Last year in Boston, one of my seniors made it as far as the final round of the selection process, and while they didn't get it, they paved the way for many others who will apply in the years to come.
  3. Fix Boring Schools, Not Kids Who Are Bored - The Innovative Educator hits the nail on the head yet again.
  4. Emergency Homeschooling: How to Survive (and Even Thrive) When Schools Close - I'm a little late sharing this, but it will certainly still be useful for many of you for the next few months!
  5. "Math is all around us" activity - Quick and easy idea from teachingmathcreatively.