Friday, November 6, 2009

Five for Friday: Countdown to Thanksgiving Edition

Yes, my weary friends, we're only a few short weeks away from Thanksgiving.  You're in the home stretch now!  You can do it!
  1. Enough With The School Projects! - Wired's GeekDad blog makes a good point about teachers giving projects that focus too much on art and creativity and not enough on content.  The article, written from a parent's perpsective, offers a lot more fodder for thoughtful discussion.
  2. WatchKnow - Helping Educators Find Videos That Students Can Watch to Know More [@The Innovative Educator] - A review of an interesting new website that collects and categorizes educational videos.
  3. Online Grading: Treat-- or Trick? - Nancy Flanagan of Teacher in a Strange Land makes the case that giving parents instant online access to student grades can be either pointless or endlessly frustrating for teachers.
  4. Selections from the instructions for the 18th World Puzzle Championship [@The Number Warrior] - An interesting challenge for you or your students!
  5. Keep Swimming, Friends - Sup Teach? feels your pain as the countdown to Thanksgiving begins!