Sunday, November 29, 2009

15 Education Technology Blogs and Podcasts for Teachers

Education technology blogs and podcasts can be excellent resources for teachers who are interested in implementing technology into their classrooms or lesson plans. Here are 15 blogs and podcasts that almost any teacher can learn from.

iLearn Technology - The iLearn Technology blog is hosted by an elementary teacher that writes about integrating technology in the classroom. Posts include reviews for tech tools and tips on tech implementation.

Free Technology for Teachers - Richard Byrne writes about free tech resources and how to use them in this popular education technology blog.

The Ed Techie - Martin Weller, a Professor of Educational Technology at the UK's Open University, hosts this education technology blog. Posts focus on elearning, web 2.0 resources, technology integration, and similar topics.

The Innovative Educator - The Innovative Educator blog addresses teachers who are interested in educating innovatively. The blog has a companion wiki, Twitter feed, and social network.

TL Advisor Blog - This blog from Tech & Learning features posts from a large group of teaching professionals who share information about education technology.

Teaching All Students - This blog from Patrick Black focuses on assistive technology in the special education classroom. Patrick blogs frequently about tech tools and how they can be integrated into lesson plans.

Classroom 2.0 - This online social network was created for teachers and other educators who are interested in implementing web 2.0 technologies in the classroom. Members blog frequently on a wide range of ed tech topics.

NextGen Teachers - NextGen Teachers is an invitation only community that encourages educators to explore the next generation of teaching and learning. Blog posts include information about tech tools, blogging, conferences, and workshops.

On Blogging and Social Media - This blog from Nik Peachy is dedicated to helping teachers and other educators explore blogging and social media. Nik also offers a free ebook with web 2.0 tools for teachers.

Teachers Teaching Teachers - This weekly webcast explores the most effective practices in technology. Teachers can join the live webcast each Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. EST.

EdTechWeekly - EdTechWeekly is a weekly podcast that shares the latest news from the education technology community. Episodes also feature useful tools and tips on integrating technology in the classroom.

The Teacher's Podcast - Mark Gura and Dr. Kathy King, a popular podcasting team, host this teacher's podcast. Episodes focus mainly on ed tech resources and professional learning.

TILT - TILT (Teachers Improving Learning with Technology) is a teacher-created vidcast that explores technology in education. The vidcast welcomes text, links, audio recordings, and video recordings from other teachers.

It's Elementary - It's Elementary is an EdTechTalk podcast that focuses on education technology in the K-6 classroom.

Geek!Ed! - Produced by five self-described geeks from a school district in Michigan, this (mostly) weekly podcast explores the impact of technology in education.

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