Friday, November 20, 2009

Five for Friday: Yes, It's Really Almost Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Carnival of Homeschooling: NaNoWriMo Edition - Worth exploring for educators in any venue.
  2. 99 Excellent Advice Sites for Teachers - 100 if you count my blog!
  3. - My boss tipped me off to these math games using cards and dice designed for Grades 2-3.  IPMG Publishing's website contains tons of free, fun activities.  If you've been interested in all of the simple number sense games I've been writing about, you'll certainly find a lot of new resources here!
  4. Survey Shows Parents Would Rather Talk Drugs Than Science or Math - A good summary and reaction of the report is up on Wired: GeekDad.
  5. Find a Way - The always interesting educators at Sup Teach? share another story about how easy and important it is to show students you care.