Thursday, January 22, 2009

This Week's Carnival of Education is up!

This week's Carnival of Education: Virtual Inaugural Balls Edition is up at Teacher in a Strange Land. Monday's entry into the 52 Teachers, 52 Lesson Project is featured, but I wanted to share two other Carnival highlights:
  1. I'm planning on introducing trigonometry to my Algebra II students soon, so Right on the Left Coast's hilarious student-made video on the subject has got me pumped.
  2. My interest was piqued by this explanation of the Australian school year on Teaching Challenges. I've always wondered why American schools haven't experimented with anything like this. The charter school I work for has a student population with absolutely dismal attendance, due in part to longer school days and a longer school year based around traditional school calendars. Of all the innovations we could install to really get these kids to come to school, the Australian model should be at the top of our list.
As always, you can submit to future editions via the COE submission form or browse past and future hosts at the main COE site. Enjoy!