Monday, January 12, 2009

Linear Equations Formula Book

In October, I wrapped up a unit on basic geometry by having students create a formula book. Each page of their booklet contained a title, formula and completed example. I recycled this project for last week's unit on parallel and perpendicular lines. I figured it would be a good quick assessment of this week and key things we needed to spiral back to that we studied before winter break.

The book would be little more than two unlined pages folded in half together (I used colored copy paper). Besides a cover, there would be 5-6 pages:
  1. Slope Formula
  2. Changing Equations into Slope-Intercept Form
  3. Point-Slope Formula
  4. Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
  5. Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Through a Point
  6. (extra credit) Finding slope from a graph, graphing from slope-intercept form, etc.
I gave students a chance to prepare by giving them the 5 example problems as homework the night before. As expected, very few students completed the homework, but those who did had a far easier time. This project could be completed in less than two 55-minute periods, and the handout is designed to be printed as a double-sided 1/2 page (print two copies, turn one to the opposite orientation, and print 1->2 sided).