Saturday, January 17, 2009

10 Keys To The Best Possible Semester for ALL Teachers

Joel at So You Want to Teach? recently posted an awesome list of 10 Keys To Unlocking The Best Possible Student Teaching Semester Ever. What's truly awesome is that although his list was written with student teachers in mind, it applies to all of us, first years and veterans alike. Each of the ten points is supplemented by links to related articles he's written to help get you on track. It reminded me of my own list of 50 mini-lessons for teachers.

If you follow his advice, it should help you become refocused and reinvigorated for the spring semester. My favorite part of the list was #7 - Get a life! I've been at this six years, and I still haven't mastered that particular skill yet.

If you are a student teacher, or just want more insight into the process, Joel has also launched a fantastic Student Teaching Spring 2009 Project. It's a great service to those teachers and to the wider education community. Check it out.