Monday, January 19, 2009

52 Teachers, 52 Lessons #2: You Are a Connector

52 Teachers, 52 Lessons will be a regular Monday feature from now on. Please submit your entries via email as soon as possible. There's still lots of goodies left in my treasure chest of resources! This week's entry is from Jen Carbonneau:

Never lose sight of the most important members of your school: the students. Make decisions based upon their needs—you may be the only one that does. Remember that you don’t know the world that you are preparing them for, so reach for the stars. Think outside of the box that houses your desks and bulletin boards. Keep current, so that you can help your students to their unknown future in a society that is shifting by the minute. However, don’t let them forget where they come from. Your job is to connect them to society: local, national, and international society. This is the world that they will need to thrive in. Learning will take place without you—give them the tools to find their way. Think of yourself as a connector.

Pull out the Flip cameras and let the students frame the qualities of their society in what ever context you find appropriate. Have them compose a movie using a media of your choice (Animoto, Windows Movie Maker, or the Flip camera program). Share it with others and see what others have done and share those videos with your students. Have students find videos made by students to chare in class. Help them make these connections.

Jennifer Carbonneau
Daisy Bronson Middle School, Littleton, NH
Seventh Grade English/Language Arts

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