Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stress Relief: Better Living Through Tetris

Apparently playing video games can be much more than a mere stress reliever. Lifehacker reports that scientists have found Tetris can prevent your brain from storing bad memories if played right after a traumatic event. There were a few times last week I could have used this!

Best of all, you can play Tetris online for free. Enjoy!


Mrs. H said...

Years ago, I was addicted to Tetris My husband and I used to fight over the Game Boy. One day he even took it to work and I had to spend a whole day without it. I was furious!

That was many years ago and just recently I was considering adding the Tetris App to my Itouch. Maybe it is just what I need after a day of teaching 16 year olds!

Mr. D said...

I can't recommend it enough. I've already spent many hours playing and replaying it this weekend!!

Jen Carbonneau said...

What a great find! I'm sending it to my guidance counselor. Perhaps this therapy will help!