Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Anticipatory Activity Before Students Get iPads

If your students are getting iPads in the near future, you'll of course need to prepare your students for it.  First, you'll have to discuss the relevant school and classroom policies for using the devices (and the Internet, since I'm assuming your students will get at least limited access).

After that, I suggest taking some time to build anticipation and get your students into the right mindset, namely that the iPad is an amazing learning tool and not merely a toy.  I created a short activity for students to do just that. 

The first part is a survey, to get an idea of familiar they are with Apple devices and their experience creating online content (such as creating YouTube videos or blogging).  The second part asks them to brainstorm what they want to do with the iPads, including what apps they might be interested in, with a few websites to get them started.  Finally, there's a chance for them to ask questions so you know what to address when they finally have them in their hands.

Of course, the job of training students on using these devices doesn't end here, but it's a good start.  If you have any similar activities for students who are about to get iPads or other tablets, please share them in the comments.

iPad Preview Activity (Google Docs)