Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Reader on Educators Using Pinterest

Analog Pinterest board
First, a confession: I am not yet a Pinterest user, but I see the potential in and out of the classroom.  Here are some resources to help you and I get started:

16 Ways Educators Can Use Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC] [Mashable!]

Teachers Pin With Their Students [Mashable!]

Pinterest Resources for Educators [Cool Cat Teacher Blog] - See also her Simple Pinterest for Beginners.

Cybraryman's Pinterest Resource List - Side note: I find it hilarious that this webpage dealing with a resource that launched in 2010 looks like something created in 1997. Just sayin'.

20 Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Pinterest [via Twitter]

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Sara Kovach said...

I have to admit that I am a Pinterest addict!!! I use it for many things, and ideas for the classroom - almost a favorites stash - is just one of them. I'd like to use it better. Some of your resources just may get me there!!