Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Giveaway: The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra

I think I've found a linear algebra book that could teach just about anyone: The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra. The good folks at No Starch Press have created a series of guides that combine elements of manga (Japanese-style comics) with a well-explained exploration of complex subjects (calculus, physics, etc).

In this entry in the series, scrawny math whiz Reiji convinces the captain of the university karate club to let him join, with one condition: he must tutor Misa, the captain's little sister, in linear algebra.  Luckily, she also happens to be the girl of Reiji's dreams (although he is warned to not so much as flirt with her).

This is the setup that leads into Reiji's easy-to-follow lessons on the basics of linear algebra, with Misa asking the kinds of questions any curious student would.  I think you could hand this to any good student in algebra or beyond and they would be able to figure a lot of this stuff out on their own.  You might even kindle a lifelong love of math (I can dream, can't I?).

If I haven't sold you yet, download Chapter 2 (PDF) and see it for yourself.  I'm a big proponent of using graphic novels and comics in the classroom and these Manga Guides take it to another level.  That's why I'm giving away a copy of The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra to one lucky reader! 

To enter, simply send an email with the subject Manga Guide to by 11:59pm CST this Friday 6/15.  I'll pick a random winner from those entries.  Good luck!

Thanks to No Starch Press for providing a review copy!